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Laminar is a company with 100% Portuguese capital and which operates in the market of natural wood-based for 60 years.

It has the design and manufacture of plywood as it’s activity’s structural aspect, being currently the leading Portuguese company in this sector.

It also operates in the market of natural wooden veneers - both produced by the peeling process, and by the flat-cutting process - and the pre-fabricated constructions suitable for open field hotel business. Our site is the right place to know more about us and to get to know the products and services we have offer: explore it. Afterwards, and because you will want to know more, pay us a visit: it is in the heart of our factory that everything happens and everything is transformed.


Throughout its 60 years of activity, Laminar not only enriched the products range, making them suitable to the demands and contingencies of each moment, but also diversified it, starting to act in markets different from its original plywood market: in 2001 it started to work in the flat-cutting veneer market, in 2008 in the pre-manufactured constructions market, destined to outdoor tourism and in 2015 it also decides to invest in the commercialisation of eucalyptus peeled veneer.


To give a more complete answer, aiming to please the different wishes of the customers, LAMINAR, under a request for services, places at the disposal of its customers its productive capacity and know-how in different transformation processes. Thus, it supplies to the market:


Laminar products are designed to provide a better response to their intended purpose: we can, thus, say that for each application there is a right product, even though a product might have more than one application. And because this is a connection that is established in both ways, it is worth to navigate through the framework of the applications to better get to know Laminar products and their features.


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