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Cut Plan

Section Cutting Plan have the following production process:
-Preparation of the torus
-Steaming, steaming or cooking
-Cut-up (Foil of wood cut in thicknesses previously indicated by the customers)
-Measurement / Allotment / Rating

Peeling logs

The unwinding of a torus is a transformation process which is obtained veneer (the desired thickness) from a log of wood. In this case the log is placed against a blade and subjected to a rotational movement, resulting in a continuous sheet of wood which is subsequently cut into desired dimensions.

Veneering of Panels

This process consists of a panel veneering raw with a veneer cutting plane in the desired species. It is therefore a transformation process which yields a panel with a higher quality finish and the initial value.

Entity for alternative resolution of consumer disputes:

  • For any situation involving the settlement of consumer disputes, it is competent, as an entity recognized for resolution:
  • Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto